Stamford's second Hackathon: Come hack the IoT Corridor and World-Class AI!

Building on the success of the first Stamford Hackathon in Sept. 2015, the Stamford Innovation Center is proud to host and support the second Bi-Annual Stamford Hackathon, on February 19-21st

The hackathon will focus on a core theme of “Smart Cities,” referring to the growing set of technologies that help cities work better for their citizens and as organizations. The two technologies featured at the hackathon will be Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence.

The IoT Track will feature a first of its kind “IoT Corridor” consisting of sensors and 3D interactive map, all of which are publicly available to hackathon participants and local universities for the duration of the hackathon and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence is a new and exciting field, and the Stamford Hackathon will feature services from IBM’s Watson, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s machine learning offerings for participants to create useful, consumer-facing projects with a smart-cities application.

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Anyone that wants to join, is absolutely welcome to join. Only those that physically are at the hackathon are eligible for prizes.

How to enter

Tickets are free for students and only $15 for everyone else - please go here to register!

If you're just coming for the makerspaces, tech expo or presentations, no need to register, just come by!


Thomas Madden

Thomas Madden
Director of Economic Development, Stamford CT

Thomas Luczak

Thomas Luczak

Remko de Knikker

Remko de Knikker
Cloud Evangelist, IBM

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Quality
    How well did you use the software & tools available How well did your project perform?
  • Benefit to Stamford
    How well does your project advance the idea of "smart cities"